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Website development for Retreat Clinic


Website development for Retreat Clinic




Our task was to develop a website for the Retreat clinic, which specializes in helping people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.


Retreat is a secluded place in the mountains of Sochi, providing individual programs and comfortable conditions for those in need. There are no other alternatives for such level and scale of the clinic in Russia, so we set ourselves the task of developing a website worthy of the level of the proposed treatment in Retreat.

The site is built in a way that involves the process of treatment not directly, but extremely veiled and cautious. Unlike our competitors, we delicately talk about the nature of the problems. This can be traced in the design of the site. We used quiet, non-screaming colors that set the tone for dialogue and create a trusting environment. Everyone in his life is looking for new discoveries and opportunities, and a person who finds himself in a difficult life situation is even more willing to seek something new for himself. This is the main idea, and we tried our best to display it through the design of the site.

The team of Technokratos took part in the project implementation. The author of the brand and design of the concept was Vladimir Trinos.


As a result, we managed to develop a site with a concise design and adaptive layout for all types of devices that satisfies all the needs of the customer and clients of the clinic.

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