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Medical Case

Dash Button for Medical Case

Medical Case

Dash Button for Medical Case


Medical Case


Medical Case is a company which has introduced plasma lift and made it a household name for 6 years in the market. We were tasked to automate and simplify the process of ordering goods using the smart button for clinics.


There are clinics which Medical Case cooperates with. For example, clinic buys reagents and other necessary goods. There is a problem of their untimely order, because staff have to spend a lot of time filling out different applications. We have developed software that works with the smart button to make this process more comfortable. Dash Button - a button that is installed in a convenient location and performs the specified action when it is pressed: a request is sent to the clinics in order to buy the reagents.

We also developed a site which contain information about the order of the clinic and the cloud service, where the principle of Dash Button working is indicated.


As a result, the whole process of the order was reduced to one push, allowing clinics to solve the problem of the lack of reagents at the right time and to establish uninterrupted supply of goods, as well as to increase the number of services provided. Practical and modern.

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