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Blockchain Voting System

Blockchain voting system

Blockchain Voting System

Blockchain voting system


Every organization which have the voting system also have a trust problem. We decided to apply the Blockchain technology in order to create a transparent and non-falsified voting system.

Blockchain - the principle of organizing information storage. It consists of a continuous, sequential chain of blocks, which in turn stores information about all transactions of system participants. Such a system at the technological level solves the problem of confidential intermediaries. Also allows you to make the process quick and uncomplicated.


The system developed by us will be useful for companies, where a lot of important decisions are taken every day by collective voting. For example, meetings of boards of directors and shareholders of large companies.

In addition, the system will allow not only to vote online without fear of falsification, but also significantly reduce the costs of the document flow accompanying the process, since the problem of a trusted intermediary will be solved by Blockchain technology.

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