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Personal mobile cabinet for customers of Unistroy company


Personal mobile cabinet for customers of Unistroy company




Unistroy is one of the most innovative construction companies in Russia, which is famous for its high level of quality of housing and service. We were tasked to develop a personal mobile cabinet, which will accompany it at all stages of interaction with the company.


A team of 9 people worked on the project: project manager, analyst, UX designer, UI Designer, 2 iOS and 2 Android developer, tester.

The application consists of 3 main blocks:

Block "Apartment chioce" helps the user to choose an apartment in all main parameters. A feature of the this unit is a smart mortgage calculator. Also through the application user can see the history of the construction of the facility and observe the progress of construction through a video broadcast.

Block "Management Company" gives residents of Unistroy facilities the opportunity to drive in the application meter readings, pay utility bills and interact on a wide range of issues with the home management company.

The "Personal Cabinet" block aggregates all the information on the objects that are owned by the client. The user can monitor the status of the construction, draw up the necessary documents and get advice on all stages of interaction with the company.


We have developed a product that corresponds the high level of service of Unistroy. The company takes care of customers not only before and during the transaction, but also tries to make the living process comfortable.

Our application is an example of how using technologies can significantly increase the level of service provided, increase loyalty and build a long-term relationship with the client.

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