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Кредо Технократии

Мы выбрали название «Технократия» не просто так. Нами движут
определенные идеи, ценности, амбиции. Каждый из наших сотрудников
разделяет философию, изложенную в Манифесте. Это является ключевым
фактором успешности продуктов, которые мы создаем.

Technocrat continuously improves its craftsmanship

Technocrat's goal is to continuously improve his professional skills, using all available knowledge and methods

Technocrat uses the best to create the perfect

In the process of creation the Technocrat uses the ideas of his predecessors, not just copying, but improving them

Technocrat is open to new experience

Technological progress is changing the paradigm of the industry. Technocrat is always open to new ideas, technologies, opinions

Technocrat is an adept of total innovation

Technocrat is the vehicle of the future to the present, allowing innovative ideas to be implemented more swiftly

Technocrat is responsible for their creativity

Technocrat analyzes the consequences of the changes that are the result of his creativity, and is able to control these changes

Technocrat doesn't believe, he knows

Technocrat does not take knowledge for granted. Appeals to knowledge, which is proved in the framework of the existing scientific paradigm

Technocrat creates from internal motives

Technocrat himself is the cause and the consequence of his own creative process

Technocrat accumulates knowledge and share them

Technocrat seeks to make advanced knowledge, experience, technology accessible to all

Technocrat seeks to constructive criticism

A true technocrat sees in constructive criticism the possibility of gaining invaluable experience

Technocrat is driving the power of one's era

Technocrat defines technology. Technology defines the era

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